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Professional shopping trolley manufacturing factory

Made in China

Has its own production plant

Customized non-standard products

Have your own product designer

Mass production

24h dedicated consultation

Home Storage Market Basket

With multi-functional fruit shelves, vegetable storage, snack shelves, etc. for a wide range of uses. Manufacturer of a large number of wholesale, sales.

Top Product

America-style shopping cart. Annual Sales > 5w+

Logistic Cargo Trolley

Anti-theft, ideal for the transportation and storage of high-value goods.

Top Products

Over 10w+ annual production.

Have creative orders but can't mass produce them?

Changshu Ming Yang Metal Products Factory is a professional metal equipment manufacturer, covering an area of 15,000 square meters. We have advanced welding, pipe bending, bending equipment, a fully automatic spraying line. We have our own R&D line, professional robot arm, laser engraving machine, and piece designer. Everything is to better meet the needs of international customers. 


At present, we have an annual production capacity of over 100,000 trolleys of various kinds, more than 80% of which are exclusively for export.

Company Production

Monitoring of production and implementation of a system of accountability

Professional product design to take products from the drawing board to the physical.

Accurate access to product production schedules.

OTC-350 Welding Robot

Five OTC welding robot arms.
Higher flexibility for higher designs.
Easy to complete all kinds of non-standard products.

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