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This is a custom product display case designed to efficiently display automotive products and accessories in a European automotive store.

This display case consists of a sturdy metal frame that can support a variety of storage units such as shelves, hooks and baskets. These units are adjustable, allowing retailers to tailor their displays to the size and shape of their products. Shelf metals can be replaced with durable materials such as plastic or wood, ensuring they can withstand the weight of heavy automotive items.

In addition to strength and durability, this display case has more accommodations for design elements that help promote visibility and accessibility. For example, many units are supported by slatted walls or pegboards that allow retailers to hang products on hooks and hangers. This creates a more visually appealing display that can attract customers throughout the store.

Another important structural feature of auto store shelving is its mobility. Many units are mounted on wheels or casters, allowing retailers to move them around the store as needed. This makes it easier to rearrange displays, change products or clean areas. Some devices may also have locking mechanisms, which help ensure that the shelves stay in place once they are positioned.

Overall, this display is a versatile and essential product that plays a key role in the success of automotive retailers. Its sturdy construction, adjustable design and mobility make it an ideal solution for displaying a wide range of products, from small parts and accessories to large tools and equipment.

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